How You Can Help

Get involved to help a homeowner.

Gather a team of volunteers from your workplace, service organization, local church, or youth group to support a homeowner in need. Whether you participate in a fundraising event or join an event committee, your involvement can make a significant impact.

Skilled craftsmen can lend their expertise at work sites, offering crucial supervision, direction, andeven working hand in hand with volunteers. What a great way to utilize your skills whilehelping to prepare future generations to continue this important work.

Contractors can help by taking on repairs demanding a higher level of skill and expertise.

Join us. Together, we can make an incredible impact in the lives of our neighbors.

Youth Service Projects

Youth Leaders seeking to foster a stronger sense of service among your students: Join us for a day with Little Acts ofLove. Together, we’ll engage in repairing homes and building character, all while working collaboratively in teams. We are flexible and eager to tailor our program to meet your specific requirements.

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